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How to search messages in SenseMail?

When the app shows a list of emails a few filters are available right from that list.
The first filter, or sorting method, can be called from the header of a table. Initially, all the messages are sorted by date.

Tap on a header and the list will display the unread messages on top.

Next tap will sort the list by the sender's email and the third tap will show the list sorted by a received date, which is the default mode.

The consecutive taps will cycle through those three types of sort modes.

If you focus on the sender's name a bit more precisely, you can spot a faint funnel that filters the list by the sender.

Tap it and only emails from that sender will stay on the list. However, the filter shows only messages that were already loaded. To receive the subsequent portion of the emails, tap a “Load more messages” button.

To release the filter tap a tiny white x-sign on the right side of the header. Please, note again that the above described filters work only on the already loaded messages. To load more results hit the bottom grey button.

The advanced option is the search page called via a magnifying glass icon from the bottom toolbar. The application is designed to exchange encrypted messages, therefore message header and body is unavailable.
In fact, only sender, flags and date fields are searchable. However, the application still searches all the fields since there might be plain messages anyway.

Start entering a date and the app will prompt a search criteria – received before, on or after that date.

Alternatively, you can select the predefined search expressions – find unread, answered, large (more than 200Kb), flagged, protected or important messages.

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