Version 2.0 is out!

Finally, the long-awaited version is out!

We made plenty of changes in this release. First of all, we added an automated mail check, which is not a real push-notification upon an email arrival, but merely a system-fired event. Since it's a system event, the system controls how often it would perform it. The more you launch SenseMail, the more frequent will be the check.

Why haven't we made regular push messages that arrive right away? Well, there are several reasons behind that. To monitor the new emails, we require to keep the connection to the mail server. The operating system of your iPhone won't allow maintaining an active link to the server to preserve the battery. Therefore, we need to keep that connection opened from somewhere else on your behalf. We do not feel enthusiastic about retaining your authentication credentials. The best way to protect the information is not to know it. Accordingly, your password will not go anywhere except the mail server you specify. Please note that this feature is disabled by default, as it poses a slight risk to your data. Specifically, to enable the background check, we need to store your pin on the device. We store it encrypted in the keychain. Yet the key might be reverse-engineered if an adversary gets physical access to your phone.

We are planning to implement the mail check to be a bit more comfortable by sending a special push message to your device, instructing it to check the mail. The time interval of such messages will be adjustable.

The other change that is not visible yet worth mentioning is memory clearance. When you move the app to the background, all sensitive data is wiped out of the memory. We mean not just freed, but overwritten and then freed. An adversary won't be able to extract your pin or an encryption key from the memory dump.

We adjusted the appearance of the app to fit the new dark mode. Also, we introduced a selectable background color for each account. You can change it in individual settings.

New security enhancement is a wipe-all pin code. You can set a pin code that erases all user data from the device once entered. The deleted data cannot be recovered. There's a "Wipe-all" button on the settings page as well.

As before, we fixed some bugs that improve stability, optimize network usage, and enhance usability.

Stay tuned!

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