Version 2.21 is out!

Expiring messages, shortcuts and more

We have released a new version of SenseMail. The new features enhance protection and usability.

We added a message expiry. Earlier, we introduced the expiring emails only for the One-Time Certificate protected messages. Now we made it available for password-protected emails. However, we must admit that this feature has some limitations. Unlike the OTC protection, we delete an actual letter from the Inbox and Sent folders of the mail server that controls the deletion. You need to make sure that the server settings are set to remove the deleted message and not to keep it in the Archive folder whatsoever. As with the OTC protection, it will clean the expired mails only if you launch the app. Therefore the deletion is not synchronised between the sender and the recipient. Also, be aware of local data retention laws.

If you chose not to clean the app on going to background, it would wipe all memory data every other day nonetheless.

From the usability side, we added a shortcuts panel. You can add shortcuts for search criteria and folders. Also, we added more pre-defined searches, such as To and From searches, larger and smaller than a specified size.

As before, we fixed some bugs that improve stability, optimize network usage, and enhance usability.

Stay tuned!

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