Version 2.4 is out!

Expiring plain messages and optimisation

We have released a new version of SenseMail.

We added a message expiry. Again, but now for the plain unencrypted messages. As before, to delete the expired message, you need to launch the app, and it will tidy up your Inbox and Sent folders. Unfortunately, only your folders, unless the other part is also using SenseMail.

Also, we spotted an issue with reading a message with attachments - you cannot see the email unless it is fully loaded. We found that quite awkward on a slow connection and fixed it. Now we show the message text while downloading the attachments.

The other fixes are mainly performance and stability improvements.

Please, note that this release will reset your appearance settings and you'll need to review them. Sorry for the inconvenience. We made it to improve the reliability since there were few cases then the local app storage failed, and we moved those settings to the secure vault.

Stay tuned!

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