Version 2.6 is out!

iPad optimisations and other improvements

We have released a new version of SenseMail that focuses mainly on minor iPad fixes and improvements, which were queueing around but untouched until now, including memory and network usage optimisations.

The complete list of changes is here:

  • We fixed the iPad filter for sent/spam showing inbox.
  • We fixed the iPad main screen labels width.
  • We fixed the iPad settings slide panel to disappear after showing it.
  • We have added encryption type to the message info.
  • We made the initial pin creation dialogue modal in the full screen - not to skip it accidentally.
  • Added the initial PIN creation confirmation.
  • We fixed the iPad change orientation handling.
  • We moved the easy setup master to the main window on the iPad.
  • Added an "Add account" menu entry if there's no account at all.
  • Fixed add account animation bug on slow systems (disabled redundant animations that are not visible anyway).
  • We changed the iPad "Show messages" title to "Load messages" to reload messages from the server.
  • We fixed the double saving for a new set of settings.
  • Fixed the iPad share window that was not showing up.
  • The menu will disappear after selecting an item on the iPad.
  • Added a button to the toolbar to add an email account with the "add master."
  • We fixed the invisible iPad master view when selecting anything that opens in the detail view (multiple cases).
  • Fixed double General Settings save on initial master setup.
  • We fixed the "Load more messages" button not working if scroll length is not enough.
  • Made some labels opaque to improve performance.
  • Changes to improve memory footprint (reviewed viewWillAppear creating vars, get rid of unused view controllers, do not load presenters and routers at startup and so on).
  • We reduced the network calls to get the folder list from the server.
  • Fixed shortcut bar not appearing until calling a menu for a second time.
  • Fixed badge zero-ing on the shortcut "mark all the new as read."
  • Reduced calls to get new messages count as it was invoked for every account to check all emails.
  • Fixed badge number when deleting/moving the messages in various folders.
  • Fixed number of messages for other folders in the menu when copy/move/reload.
  • Added a shortcut bar height's setting.
  • The floating toolbar's close button also dismisses the keyboard.
  • We fixed the shortcut bar item's editor initialisation. The editor did not initialise the command. We needed to scroll down until that command showed up - otherwise, it was not selected and saved.
  • Added a zoom gesture to the add attachment gallery
  • Added the same zoom to the gallery
  • Fixed gallery "delete image" action - it was not showing the correct images after deletion, needed to reopen the gallery to show the changes
  • Fixed the shortcut name reset on table scroll in the editor
  • Reload the shortcut bar after editing (if you tap the "Save" button)

Stay tuned!

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